Daily Reading Homework:
Each student is required to read 20 minutes daily or 80 minutes per week. Reading on the weekend is extra credit!! The chart will be sent home every Friday and needs to be handed in the following Friday. It will be checked and considered homework. Some chapter books may take a few days to read. If you read the same book for several days, then write the title for each night and the amount of pages you read. If you read on the weekend, it will be considered extra credit. A total of four nights on the chart are expected to be filled in for it to be complete.

Please be sure your child completes all homework! It is important to create good homework habits at an early age.  

Reading: Every week, I will send home a weekly list of spelling words, vocabulary words and skills for that week. Please keep the list at home for studying.  

Spelling homework:
When I send home the Spelling test book,  please be sure to sign it and return it the next day. It will be considered homework. 

For every Spelling test , the students can spell the Vocabulary words for one extra point each.

 Sometimes, Spelling pretests are given on Mondays. If your child passes the pretest, I will tape it into the test book and your child is exempt from the final Spelling test! :)
Math - We have Go Math!!! Most nights, there will be a two-sided page of homework to go with the lesson of the day.