Writing Tips

What to Remember When You Write  

 * Always begin sentences with capital letters.   * Use the correct end mark.  .   ?   !      * Always have capital letters. * Never write "bottom-up."       Be sure your tall letters are tall, middle letters bump, and low letters are low. * "MAGIC  C" letters are:   c,  o,  a,  g,  d,         Make sure you begin the "magic c" way for these letters.  Practice at home on paper, on dry erase boards, the walls of the bathtub with soapy fingers, in the sand or dirt with your parents' permission.*Tall letters are:  all capitals,  b,  d,  f,  h,  k,  l,  t  *Low letters are:  g,  j,  p,  q,  y  *Bump letters are:  a,  c,  e,  i,  m,  n,  o,  r,  s,  u,  v,  w,  x, z‚Äč