*Please note that I teach two different groups of students when observing my daily schedule; my homeroom (who I refer to as the blue group) and Mrs. Cote's homeroom (who I refer to as the green group). Parts of the day labeled blue indicate my homeroom is with me , parts labeled green indicate Mrs. Cote's homeroom is with me, and any times of the day labeled black indicate I don't have any students, as they are either at specials or at lunch/recess.*

Half Day Schedule

8:20-8:32 Homeroom
8:33-9:03 OSS

9:05-9:55 Math (Mrs. Cote's homeroom/green group)
9:55-10:15 Science (Mrs. Cote's homeroom/green group)

10:20-11:10 Math (My homeroom/blue group)
11:10-11:25 Science (My homeroom/blue group)

11:25-11:55 Special
11:55-12:15 PBSIS/Health/Community circle
12:20 Dismissal

Full Day Schedule

8:20-8:32 Homeroom
8:33-9:13 OSS

9:15-10:15 Math (Mrs. Cote's homeroom/green group)
10:15-11:15 Science (Mrs. Cote's homeroom/green group)

11:20-12:05 Lunch/Recess
12:10-1:10 Math (My homeroom/blue group)
1:10-2:10 Science (My homeroom/blue group)

2:15-2:58 Special
3:00 Dismissal