About Me
My name is Mr. Krueger, and I will be teaching 5th grade science and social studies this year. This year will be my third year at the Dunfee School! Last school year (2017-2018) I taught math and science in 5th grade, and the school year before that (2016-2017) I completed my student teaching in 4th grade with Mrs. Plaia and Mrs. McCabe before taking over Mrs. Cipriano's 3rd grade class when she left on maternity leave. I am very excited to be spending another year in 5th grade and look forward to a great school year! Last year was a massive success in implementing the departmentalized instruction model into 5th grade, and I am positive this year will bring the same! You can either contact me through e-mail at nkrueger@barnegatschools.com or by calling 609-698-5826 extension 3133.